West Village Apartment Remodel

Stefan Steil and Eric Pike bought the top-floor apartment in an 1840s townhouse on King Street in Lower Manhattan just after September 11.

“It was a challenging time for all of us,” says Pike.

“But it also inspired us to make a permanent and peaceful home for ourselves.

The city may have been going through its darkest moment back then,

but the apartment that drew them was full of light. It had windows facing south and north and big skylights

to bring in the sunshine. What it didn’t have was style—it was just a bland white box. But it turned out to be a blank slate that inspired

a gut renovation and innovative thinking. Steil, German-born, is an interior designer.

Pike, a creative director—formerly for Martha Stewart,

now at Nest Fragrances—is as precise as he is imaginative.

“Eric has a great eye, and for this apartment he had an even stronger vision than me,”

Steil says of his partner of 17 years.

Actually, it was a double vision—informed by aspects of both Jeffersonian and Swedish Gustavian architecture.

They leaned heavily on Jefferson’s use of extra-deep door casings between rooms to hide appliances and dishes,

creating a historical ambience and a haven from the clutter and trappings of modern daily life.

“Our friends thought we were crazy because we were actually making rooms smaller,

but it gave us more storage space,” Pike says. ออกแบบบ้าน