‘Before Sunrise’ is not a film to be scrutinised, nor studied

before sunrise

‘Before Sunrise’ is not a film to be scrutinised, nor studied.

The absolute beauty of it lies in its perfection as a simple love story – of two lives suddenly thrown together in the midst of reality,

and the ensuing night of simple love that follows.

Every individual at some time in life dreams of the connection that is portrayed in this film between Jesse and Celine, and few ever find it.

‘Before Sunrise’ simply and elegantly demonstrates how the most fundamental passions of human emotion can envelope two complete strangers.

The beauty of this film is that the story is the most important element.

The ending is both provocative and emotional – scenes of the night previously seen in darkness are now portrayed in lonely daylight as the sun rises and the story closes on these two characters.

I saw this film by accident one night late on television. I have never forgotten it.

So well is it made that the audience never question if this could ever really happen in life,

reality being so absolutely characterised in it.

‘Before Sunrise’ is simply the story of two strangers bound in Vienna’s lonely night splendour

– one night of love in all its glory, one superb piece of film making. ดูหนังออนไลน์