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When Linda Findley Kozlowski moved from San Francisco to New York to become COO of Etsy,

she didn’t bring much in the way of furniture.

Instead, she packed up the family heirlooms, bought a condo in Chelsea ,

and began hunting down chairs and paintings across multiple states, sellers, and aesthetics to get the full experience of shopping on Etsy.

Couch and Coffee Table by Croft House; Sweater Vest by SabrinaWeight; Blanket by Manuosh.

From both a design and a business perspective, you could call it a success.

“I love that I can tell you a story about everything in my home:

where I got it, who made it, how it was designed and conceived,” Linda said.

“I’ve always had a strong philosophy of owning fewer things and having them be really meaningful and special.

I’m a minimalist who does not like minimalism that is a lack of character or self-expression.”

Salt and Pepper by Teal and Gold; Appetizer Plate by Box Sparrow; Bud Vase by Honeycomb Studio

Minimalism for Linda translates to the usual—clean white walls, light woods, and soft textures—but also dramatic portraits of

Jimi Hendrix album covers and statement chandeliers.

To anchor the home, she started with a handmade walnut bed with Danish weave by a seller out of Seattle.

Like most of the pieces in her new home, it’s completely custom. Linda adjusted the height of the bed and headboard to fit the wall and accommodate her 5’10 frame. ออกแบบบ้าน