The Terrace

A left turn into the living room confirms this notion.

The open expanse is a medley of warm reds and browns—“jewel tones and spices,”

Mishaan says—with a golden ceiling. Sofas by Liaigre and Romeo Sozzi anchor the space,

along with an alabaster sculpture by artist Manolo Valdés. Mishaan deliberately selected oversize furniture for the room to avoid pieces being dwarfed by its 16-foot ceilings and gargantuan scale. “This area is for grown-ups, yet the colors are cheerful in case the kids want to stop and look,” he says.

“But don’t touch anything!” he adds with a laugh.

Since there are no walls in the apartment’s public spaces, moving between vignettes is seamless.

As in a Gothic cathedral, the living room acts as a kind of apse from which the chapels of the dining room,

entertainment room, and kitchen all radiate.

The clients’ fascination with gems becomes more pronounced with each change of scenery.

The entertainment room, with its custom-colored malachite rug and mural depicting a geode, is the most literal.

“You get this feeling of stone, but I didn’t want it to be like a mausoleum,” Mishaan says.

The dining room light fixture is a jewel unto itself and one of the home’s main attractions.

Designed by the American architect and artist Johanna Grawunder, the piece is composed of two acrylic wings that hang below a laser LED,

which projects an intense straight line onto the cerused-oak dining table. สถาปนิก