kim alexandriuk house exterior

Four years ago, when Kim Alexandriuk embarked on designing this sizable hilltop property in Montecito,

California, neither she nor her clients knew that what they had envisioned as a second home would very soon become their

permanent residence. The owners are a New York–based husband and wife, who met working in the financial industry (where he still works),

and their young daughter. They are both outdoorsy,

with a love of mountain biking, triathlons, and swimming, all activities well suited to this

property—where a bobcat occasionally visits and where the stars are crystal clear at night.

Now, due in part to concerns about COVID-19, the family has made this California vacation place their new home.

All the better to enjoy the thoughtful work Alexandriuk put in.

A Santa Monica–based designer who started her business in 1999,

Alexandriuk collaborated with the owners to create an elegant-but-livable vibe in the property’s varied farmhouse-style buildings:

There is a main house, comprising the family’s bedrooms and personal living spaces;

a guesthouse; and a barn, which Alexandriuk transformed into a multifunctional space for charity fundraisers,

holiday gatherings, and an overflow of friends and family who can’t necessarily be accommodated

by the guesthouse alone (the custom sofas all fold out into extra beds).

“It’s a really cool way to live,” says Alexandriuk of the disparate buildings.

Next year, the couple plans to

finish adding a pool and poolhouse to the property.

Here, Alexandriuk, who also has a collection of decorative rugs called

Vulcania with Christopher Farr—many of which she used throughout the

home—shares with ELLE Decor the process of designing this property. รับออกแบบบ้าน