“Within Our Gates” (1920) Southern negro Sylvia Landry visits her

Within Our Gates

Southern negro Sylvia Landry visits her cousin Alma in the north,

where there is less racial prejudice than in her home town of Piney Woods in the deep south,

and is anxiously awaiting her fiancé, Conrad.

But Alma has designs on Conrad and tricks Sylvia into a compromising situation when he arrives, and he abandons her.

Disheartened, she returns to Piney Woods to help a reverend running a school for young negroes.

Sylvia learns that the reverend hasn’t the heart to turn away poor students, and unless he can raise $5,000 to supplement

the $1.49 per child per year that the state supplies, the school will be closed.

She goes up north again to try to raise the money and has little success, but meets kindly negro, Dr. V.

Vivian, who helps her regain her stolen purse.

When she saves a child from being hit by an auto, she herself is slightly injured.

But the owner of the car is philanthropist Mrs. Elena Warwick,

who is sympathetic to her quest and promises to donate the $5,000 to the school…. ดูหนังออนไลน์